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Solving Quadratic and Linear Knapsack Problems with...
3.3 Kellerer, H., Kubzin, M. A., & Strusevich, V. A. (2009). For example, as shown by the Strusevich-Kellerer research, in order t
Generalized Knapsack Solvers for Multi-Unit...
Kellerer et al. devote roughly three pages to MDMCK and identify ap- proximate heuristic algorithms dating back to 1997 [26].
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The Knapsack problem is a mathematical problem, which is perhaps most easily described using this image from Wikipedia: When I fir
For a acomprehensive treatment of the topic, see the textbook by Kellerer et al. [6]. The classic 0/1 knapsack problem is NP-compl
Задача о ранце — Википедия
Задача о ранце (рюкзаке) ( англ. Knapsack problem ) — одна из NP задач комбинаторной оптимизации . В 1972 году данная задача вошла
Dual greedy solutions are in general [1] H. Kellerer, U. Pferschy and D. Pisinger, Knapsack not better than the primal ones.
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Knapsack Problems Hans Kellerer, Ulrich Pferschy, David Pisinger Springer 2004 [Good overview: New trends in exact algorithms for
Alexander Valerjevich Safonov
Levin, New heuristic algorithm for multicriteria multiple choice knapsack problem. CAD/CAM/PDM-2006, Inst. of Control Problems, Ru
Thus designing a bidding strategy corre- sponds to designing an algorithm for the online knapsack problem. Thus, we con- tribute t
If φi (xi ) decreased by Case 2: the knapsack is full in the optimal solution. However, this technique involves solving a difficult

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